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September 20, 2019 | Local News

Monday, Sept. 9

Suspicious circumstances / recovery of stolen vehicle: Berthoud cemetery, a Berthoud man and woman were found sleeping in a stolen vehicle. It appears they went there last night, had a little heroin, and fell asleep. They did not like getting woken up and taken to the jail. Heroin in the cemetery, sooner or later you’re going to find yourself there permanently.

Vehicle crash: Spartan Avenue, deputies responded to a crash where a vehicle was turning in to the high school and indicated a left turn into the student drop-off area when a maroon pickup truck passed on the right side and caused a collision.

Theft: Spartan Avenue, a 17-year-old’s driver’s license, credit card, school ID and some money were stolen from her wallet while at a dinner after softball practice. Yea, but did they take her homework? Shucks No! They left that for the dog to eat!!

Identity theft: Sioux Drive, a daughter reported her mom is stealing her identity by claiming her and others on her taxes.

Tuesday, Sept. 10

Northern Colorado methamphetamine, heroin, fentanyl drug trafficking organization dismantled: A house on Bruce Drive was the target early this morning for a SWAT operation for a search and arrest warrants for organized crime, conspiracy to distribute illicit drugs, money laundering, and a plethora of additional charges. This was a large-scale operation and several houses were hit in Larimer County and the metro area.

Welfare check: Massachusetts Avenue, a 63-year-old woman wrote a rambling letter to Town of Berthoud about extreme noise, her PTSD etc. The woman was contacted at home and given some resources on dealing with the legal noise going on outside her apartment. 

Disturbance: Love’s Travel Stop, a man who was sleeping on the sidewalk was asked to leave but he is refusing and became upset that they called the cops on him and is currently arguing with another employee. The man was taken off the property.

Wednesday, Sept. 11

Violation of protection-at risk adult: Brant Street, a 22-year-old man violated a protection order by contacting his dad. The son was interviewed on the phone but refused to meet. He sounded under the influence and was driving around near a construction site. The son was later located in Timnath and arrested.

Vehicle crash / property damage: Mountain Avenue and 10th Street, a driver was cited for an accident where he hit another vehicle.

Harassment: Spartan Avenue, a driver was involved in a crash yesterday and is now being harassed via text and phone.

Transient problem: 200 block of Turner Avenue, a business owner states there is a transient camp on the west side of her business. She has not seen any people there but can see trash and a few tarps located near the big tree on the west side of the building. No one was around when checked.

Driving under restraint: First Street / Bunyan Avenue. a 33-year-old Loveland man was stopped for going 50 mph in a posted 30 mph zone. His license was found to be cancelled. Issued citation and proof of service.

Family problems: Greenwood Drive, a 15-year-old and his mom were in a verbal altercation about school grades. Stepfather stepped in between them as they were pushing each other. Did the boy expect his mom to throw him a party because of his “Fs?”

Thursday, Sept. 12

Intimidation of a victim: The driver of the car involved in Monday’s crash continued to call and harass the victim of the crash and the victim’s business. Warrant will be sought as the man will not return phone calls. 

Furnishing tobacco products to minor: Redwood Circle, a 19-year-old Loveland man supplied vape pens to Berthoud minors who attend Berthoud schools. Summonsed. News flash kids, people are dying because of using vape pens?

Friday, Sept. 13

Family problems: Gateway Boulevard, a woman reported her ex-husband was harassing her.  Investigation continues.

Criminal mischief: E. Indiana Avenue, two juveniles have admitted to causing damage to the men’s bathroom at Pioneer Park. Investigation continues.

Saturday, Sept. 14

Harassment: Berthoud Living Center a 70-year-old man pushed an 87-year-old man who was being loud.

Juvenile problems-graffiti: Berthoud Elementary staff saw and identified two boys near a tree in the front parking-lot area. When they saw the teacher, they both took off on bikes. Staff found empty spray-paint cans and graffiti on the tree right next to where they were sitting.

Habitual traffic offender / driving under revocation / expired plate: Mountain Avenue / Fifth Street, a 44-year-old Berthoud man was seen driving and found to be revoked – habitual traffic offender (HTO). Unable to conduct a traffic stop due to the deputy responding to a priority call. Constant issue with him driving revoked (27 active restraints). Will attempt to locate him or a warrant will be sought. 

Scam: Capitol Reef Street, a resident reported she gave her Social Security number and bank account info to a company known as “JPay,” thinking it was Apple. Bank and Social Security requested the report. With all of the scams and people losing money, why not contribute to the SARF Foundation, which is a worthy cause. SARFF = Sergeant Anderson’s Retirement Fund Foundation.

Habitual traffic offender / driving under revocation / speeding: Berthoud Parkway / Lake Avenue, a 40-year-old Loveland man was stopped for speeding (52/35). Driving status was revoked – HTO. I have no license so I will drive badly to draw attention to myself.
Sunday, Sept. 15

Vehicle crash / DUI-drugs / possession of schedule II drugs / possession of drug Paraphernalia: 1600 block of SE Frontage Road, a 51-year-old woman was traveling south when she went off the right shoulder, corrected and rolled the vehicle. The woman was ejected as she had no seatbelt on. Meth found in her purse and vehicle. Refused a chemical test. Suffered three broken ribs and an open-ankle fracture.

Disturbance: Franklin Avenue, a 59-year-old woman grabbed a 100-year-old woman by the shoulder after the two had a minor wheelchair collision. Both wheelchairs were still drivable so neither one was towed after the crash.

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