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June 21, 2019 | Local News

Monday, June 10

Neighbor problems: Sixth Street Court, a woman was called in after she was seen taking photos of a 2-year-old who was naked in a small swimming pool in the shared apartment yard area. The woman advised she was taking photos to show her landlord. She deleted the photos on scene when told she was in possession of child porn. Alcohol played a part in this. 

Vehicle crash-w/injury: Highway 287 / County Road (CR) 10E, a 53-year-old Longmont man was traveling northbound on Highway 287 at a speed calculated to be approximately 95 mph when he lost control and crashed, getting ejected during the rollover. The man was intoxicated and was transported to the hospital in critical condition. No other vehicles involved.

Tuesday, June 11

Motor vehicle theft / possession of drugs / drug paraphernalia / warrant arrest / introduction of contraband/parole violation: Meadowlark Drive, an off-duty Longmont PD officer observed a stolen vehicle from their jurisdiction at the gas station. The vehicle was occupied. Two deputies responded and conducted a vehicle pinch, out of public safety concerns, to prevent a pursuit during daytime hours. Three men were all detained. The driver was booked for the vehicle theft, possession of heroin, paraphernalia, and the parole violation after parole was contacted. He was found to have drugs on his person when he was booked in. One of the other men was booked on his two warrants, and the third man was booked on a warrant and possession of heroin and liquid meth. The vehicle was towed as the ignition was punched and a screwdriver was used to start it. The vehicle was reported stolen by one of the driver’s drug customers for a deal gone bad.

Family problems / detox hold: Auklet Drive, a resident called about her daughter abusing her. The daughter, who is her mom’s primary caretaker, was transported to the hospital for a detox hold. DHS is involved to get more support for the resident. Alcohol played a part in this too.

Wednesday, June 12

Missing person/welfare check: Eighth Street, a man left a note at his ex-wife’s house saying he was going to Utah. He has changed his phone number three times this week. Deputy is currently working a follow-up to this case as his mother called in and said he didn’t make it to Utah. Donnie and Marie, you’ll just have to wait.

Follow up/counterfeit cash: Meadowlark Drive, after an interview with one of the in-custodies from the stolen vehicle case yesterday it was learned one of the other parties arrested passed a counterfeit $50 bill at this business. This bill is linked to a rash of counterfeit cash Longmont PD is working. They were notified and charges are pending video footage to identify which one of the three passed the bill. Who says you need college? Just print your own money. Just kidding; please don’t print your own money.

Thursday, June 13

Suspicious circumstances: 1300 block of Fourth Street, several calls came in reporting a loud gunshot. Upon asking the residents what they heard and where they also reported they lost electricity. A transformer (no not the Optimus Prime type) tripped, making a very loud boom.  Xcel was notified.

Suspicious circumstances: 900 block of Seventh Street, it was reported a male came down the alley last night and shined a light through the window of a vehicle. The male has been doing this for last three nights. Later the same man was seen in another neighbor’s back yard. He told them he was looking for a cat. He is described as a white male, about 5’10” 180 pounds, bald head, and tattoo on his right forearm that says “Joker.” Left arm has gang-related tattoos.

Friday, June 14

Fictitious plates: CR 10 and CR 19, an abandoned GMC Yukon has been sitting here for several days. The license plate on the Yukon belongs on a Volkswagen Jetta. The plate was removed and logged for destruction. Vehicle tagged for 72 hours.

Harassment: Franklin Avenue staff reported they believe there may have been a brief altercation between two of the residents here. 

Saturday, June 15

Assist Longmont PD: Berthoud Parkway / Grand Market Boulevard, we received a report from Longmont PD in reference to a vehicle that eluded them. It stated they had traffic and eluding charges. Deputies observed the vehicle at Highway 287 and Berthoud Parkway. They decided to attempt a stop but not pursue because of traffic and public safety if the vehicle fled. The vehicle immediately pulled over and stopped when they activated their overhead lights and the driver was compliant. The driver stated there were vehicles going faster than she and she did not realize Longmont Police were pulling her over. The Longmont officer was contacted to determine what level charges and what they wanted us to do. Longmont officer determined they wanted us to give the driver a verbal warning. And a stern warning it was.

Sunday, June 16

Family Issue: Iowa Avenue, while investigating an incident, the 41-year-old son was on scene, intoxicated and continually drinking. He eventually became an issue and was asked to leave the property.  He returned multiple times and caused a disturbance. Family continued to intervene which prevented his arrest. The son finally left and made veiled threats that it was not over.  Alcohol played a part in this also.

Burglary/theft/resisting arrest: Iowa Avenue, the son later kicked in his mother’s front door and stole a bottle of Jim Beam bourbon. Upon contact with the man, he was not cooperative and continually disobeyed commands until he was Tased.  He was taken into custody, medically cleared and booked. Yep you guessed it, alcohol played a part in this mess.

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