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June 21, 2018 | Local News

Monday, June 11

Disturbance: Highway 287 at mile marker 326, a man calls 911 and says his wife is trying to dump him off on the side of the road. she just wants him to get out. Both were involved in an argument regarding the man’s previous criminal charges. The woman was asked to leave the scene after the two continued to argue in front of deputies. Man was given a courtesy ride to work.

Criminal mischief: Seventh Street, a resident reported that someone lit a pop bottle rocket on his car and left a burned mark in the paint. The pop bottle rocket got wedged in his sun roof and caused damage to the glass.

Vehicle crash/w injury: Lissa Drive, an 82-year-old Ft. Collins man had a medical issue and hit a car in Loveland and left the scene and drove to Berthoud. He ended up in the Berthoud neighborhood at Southwest 42nd Street and Taft Avenue and ran over a tree and then into two other parked vehicles on the opposite side of the road until citizens corralled him and took his keys. He was taken by ambulance to the hospital and left a big accident scene and a lot of damage which required a long investigation.

Easement/Property dispute: Willow Drive, a resident reported a property line/emergency easement dispute with her neighbor. It was determined and explained that law enforcement did not have lawful standing to intervene. The easement for emergency vehicles is never used for that purpose and she would need to go through the planning commission, and if willing, have them change the status of the property from easement to private property.

Suspicious circumstances: An unknown female went to urgent care in Boulder to get treatment. She told the nurse that she thinks she was sexually assaulted sometime last week in Berthoud. She told the nurse that she did not want to report it to law enforcement, when the nurse told her by law she had to report it, the woman left urgent care.

Tuesday, June 12

Fraud: Fourth Street, a woman received an email from Apple stating that someone had purchase $99 on her Apple account. A link below was to cancel the purchase but it brought her to a form to fill out with all her personal information. The email also said to send a selfie to them which made her suspicious and clicked out of the website.

Vehicle crash/w injury: E. Highway 56 and County Road (CR) 5, a driver from Greeley rear ended another vehicle driven by a Thornton man resulting in minor injuries.

Suspicious circumstances: Bunyan Avenue, staff at Berthoud Elementary reported finding a large area on the field behind the school burned. A pile of mulch was also found near the side of the building burned.

Wednesday, June 13

Suspicious circumstances: Second Street, a customer came into the bank to discuss her account. There was an unknown man with her. He kept directing the conversation as staff tried to talk to the female. He was trying to get her to transfer money from one account to another. Deputy checked on the people and they are husband and wife of 15 years. I have been married 25 years and too scared to even ask for money.

Runaway: Bunyan Avenue, a grandmother reported her 14-year-old grandson ran away after an argument.

Thursday, June 14

Crosswalk issue: Mountain Avenue and Seventh Street, a woman called stating that she was standing on the sidewalk and no one was stopping to let her cross. It was explained to her that the law states “a vehicle MUST stop for pedestrians IN the crosswalk. It is the pedestrian’s responsibility to wait until clear of cars to enter the crosswalk. If a car comes along while you are crossing, the car must stop.

Neighbor problems: Woodcock Street, the property manager called and reported that someone from the neighborhood across the street was using the Heron Point dumpster. It also was reported there was a lot of trash talk about this.

Vehicle trespass: Marshall Place, a resident reported that he has video of someone trying to open his car doors while it was in his driveway. Video also shows two-people attempting to open a car door at across the street on Marshall Place. Suspects appear to be juveniles.


Friday, June 15

Found property: Welch Avenue, some coin sets were found on the ground in front of the Berthoud Community Center. If you are missing some coins and can identify them please contact the Sheriff’s Office at 970-416-1985.

Stolen vehicle intel: Highway 56 and I25 Park and Ride, a registration and some personal items were found on the ground at the park and ride. Registration was from a stolen vehicle out of Adams County and property does belong to the vehicle owner. Adam’s County had no interest in the personal property and it did not appear to have any evidentiary value so it was returned to the owner.

Verbal disturbance: Franklin Avenue, a resident reported to staff that he was kicked by another resident. Interviews with staff and other residents led to no charges being substantiated. Independent witnesses said that the disturbance was verbal only about one of the men having his feet stretched out into a walking area of the dining room.

Runaway returned: Bunyan Avenue, the grandson reported missing earlier returned home.

Theft: Heron Pointe community, a resident from the Heron Pointe homeowner’s association (HOA) reported that 16 rental chairs were stolen from the community event on June 9. The chairs were only left alone from for 30 minutes. HOA is out the money for the chairs because they were billed by the rental company.

Saturday, June 16

Welfare check: Fourth Street, friends reported that they have not seen or heard from their neighbor all spring. I contacted a “Great Niece” at the residence who initially refused to let the deputy talk to the resident. The deputy eventually made contact and the woman was alright, just suffering from age related complications. Situation involving the “Great Niece” was suspicious so an adult protection referral was made.

Missing person: Second Street, a 16-year old boy walked out of his house with a packed bag refusing to tell his grandparents where he was going. He was located and brought home.

Family problems: Second Street, the same boy ran away again.  He was found walking around and returned home.

Sunday, June 17

Theft: Mountain Avenue, a juvenile male appears to be sitting with an adult. That juvenile male then stole approximately $6 in tips out of the tip jar and appears to put the money into the adult’s backpack. The adult, the juvenile male and a juvenile female all leave in an unknown direction.  Hey buddy here’s a tip, get a job.

Theft: Waterman Street, a construction worker reported that tools were stolen from this construction site on June 6, and he found his drill on The seller, who lives in Greeley, advised that he “found” three Dewalt drills in a dumpster in Greeley but wasn’t sure of the exact location. The Greeley man agreed to return the drill to the worker.

Fraud by Check/Theft: Fourth Street, a resident reported that he had two checks written and cashed by his 19-year old son. These checks are for over $1,400.

Vehicular eluding/Reckless driving/Speeding/Disregard traffic control Device/Unregistered vehicle: Eighth Street and Welch Avenue, an ATV and motorcycle were observed driving in the area of 10th Street and Mountain Avenue. The motorcycle drove through the parking lot of Hays Market and ran the stop sign leaving the parking lot near town hall. The motorcycle was an older Yamaha MX 100, and had no registration or lights. A stop was attempted at Eighth Street and Welch Avenue. The driver accelerated down Welch running all the stop signs on Welch. The motorcycle was located a short distance away and the driver had fled on foot. The motorcycle was towed.

Code enforcement: Animal problems – 3, Vehicle problems – 9, Other ordinance problems – 7


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