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Petition for safe route to elementary school

September 21, 2017 | Community News

By Amber McIver-Traywick

The Surveyor

Berthoud resident Kelsey Byron is spearheading an effort to improve access to Berthoud schools for students who live east of First Street. In hopes of getting support from the community, Byron started a petition she hopes will encourage the Town of Berthoud to take action.

Byron became aware of issues along the route after riding bikes to school with her children from their home in that area, as they were participating in an event hosted by the school encouraging physical activity for students by having them bike or walk to school. She said unfortunately the experience, “was very scary,” due to the lack of adequate bike lanes, crossing signs or sidewalks. The area is not part of the Thompson Valley School District busing route because of its close proximity to Ivy Stockwell Elementary.

The petition states there are many students who, “… currently have no safe routes to Ivy Stockwell Elementary.” The area in question includes the Fickel Farm neighborhood, Mary’s Farm, Keep Circle and Second Street.

Byron feels the danger lies in the fact the only path to the school is by crossing First Street and walking along streets without sidewalks. The ever increasing traffic and the speed cars are traveling make the possibility of an accident more likely. Through the petition she hopes to encourage the town to provide a variety of safety measures. “The thing is it’s for the benefit of, and for the growth of, Berthoud. The growth is here and we need to adjust for the safety of all of the citizens – if pedestrians are in designated areas it makes it safer for them and for drivers,” she said.

The petition requests the installation of flashing lights and a crosswalk at First Street and Welch Ave. or First Street and East Indiana Avenue, bike lanes and ADA accessible sidewalks on Welch Avenue, as well as First Street, and finally pedestrian crossings for Welch Avenue and Third Street.

If you are interested in signing the petition or getting involved please contact Kelsey Byron at [email protected]

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