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OPINION – November Elections

September 14, 2018 | Local News

Letter to the editor

I write to encourage readers to elect Sean Dougherty as our next county commissioner. Sean is a long-time resident and businessman in Larimer County and is familiar with the history and the challenges facing our county. Unlike his opponent, a seasoned establishment leftie politician, Sean is an ordinary citizen who has shown an extra-ordinary dedication to this community, serving in numerous uncompensated positions in non-profit  organizations and commissions. He has “given back” in so many ways: Realities for Children, Boy Scouts of America, North Ft. Collins Business Association Coats and Boot Drive, Neighbor to Neighbor, and Disabled Resource Services. Two of the most important issues facing our county are growth, coupled with inadequate infrastructure. This is where Sean’s expertise can play a significant role is shaping our future. He has decades of experience in leadership positions on the Fort Collins Board of Realtors and their Government Affairs Committee, the Fort Collins Chamber of Commerce Local Legislative Affairs Committee, and North Fort Collins Business Association. More importantly, he has extensive land use and county master-planning experience dealing with economic development issues, having served eight years on the Larimer County Planning Commission and three years on the Red Feather Lakes Planning Advisory Committee. Larimer County is a great place to live, and the current board of county commissioners has done an exceptional job in managing the county resources. Let’s keep it that way. Elect Sean Dougherty to ensure this tradition continues.

Jim Alderden – sheriff retired

Ft. Collins


To the editor:

I am writing this letter in support of Sean Dougherty for District 1 County Commissioner.

Sean is a long-time resident of Larimer County and has been very active in this community for many years by serving on committees and boards, including the Larimer County Planning Commission and the Red Feather Lakes Planning Advisory Committee. The knowledge he has gained on the current issues of Larimer County will give him insight and a head start in the role of county commissioner. His business experience has given him budgetary skills that will keep Larimer County finances in check. His ability to work with staff and other officials has been proven in the past.

I personally have had many conversations with Sean and find he listens and “gets the ball rolling” when I have shared my concerns. Sean’s vision will serve this county well. He shares my concern for keeping agriculture in Larimer County and is willing to hear us in the ag community.

Please vote for Sean Dougherty for District 1 County Commissioner.

Gail Meisner



To the editor:

Angela Myers has been our neighbor for more than 20 years. She and her husband Gary (who used to be “Gary the Energy Guy”), are solid examples of good, kind, compassionate, decent people. They are fun loving, friendly, and ever ready to engage with those around them. We knew Angela long before she worked in the clerk and recorder office, and it has been a pleasure observing her commitment to all the people of Larimer County since she has been there – especially since she has been clerk. We applaud her honesty, integrity, sincerity and “smarts.” As Fort Collins natives who strongly believe we need to have people like Angela running our government offices, we encourage everyone to support her re-election in November. Vote Angela Myers for Clerk and Recorder.

Alvin and Lorraine Schwindt

Fort Collins


To the editor:

This letter is to add my voice to the many others that are asking you to re-elect Irene Josey as your Larimer County Treasurer.

Allow me to introduce myself. I am Bev Woodward, wife of Chuck Woodward, who served as your Larimer County Treasurer for 16 years. Chuck hired Irene January 1986. Within two years Irene proved herself more than capable to be his “right-hand.” He never worried about her work. When Irene said she’d do it, she did. I can’t tell you how much I appreciated Irene’s hard work in helping Chuck do his job well. When you work side by side with someone for so many years you get to know them and know them well. Through good times and bad, Irene never faltered. She is that kind of person; someone you can rely on, someone whose word you can count on.

Irene will not let you down. She will continue to run an office that is AAA rated. Re-elect Irene Josey.

Bev Woodward

Ft. Collins

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