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March 30, 2018 | Local News

To the editor:

I have known Jeff for many years, and he has been an advocate for some of the most important resources we have – our working farms and ranches and our open spaces. As a councilman, Jeff supported Berthoud’s financial participation in conserving the Malchow Farm just south of town. He actively supported partnerships that conserve priority lands along our Front Range Mountain Backdrop. He values these assets to conserve our sense of place and our way of life here in Northern Colorado.

If you value these important community assets, vote Jeff Hindman for mayor.

Kerri Rollins


To the editor:

On March 16, 2018, the latest edition of the hate Jeff Hindman letter from “Anonymous Berthoud business owner and resident” arrived. This highly opinionated, less than factual letter is a disgraceful character assassination attempt by someone who wants you to believe Mr. Hindman is a bully, an intimidator who regularly threatens, intimidates, harasses people, stealing the last election and bullying the mayor into resigning. The many accusations leveled at Mr. Hindman are difficult to verify. Most appear to be part of a whispering campaign that has been circulated and encouraged by individuals with a deep hatred for Mr. Hindman. When I question individuals in the community if they had actually seen the actions, their answers have been, “No, but their friends have seen them or heard them.” This is only conjecture. I suspect the reason for the dislike is because of Mr. Hindman’s political leanings. He has a passion for questioning the reason for actions of individuals who have conducted Berthoud town business behind closed doors without public discussion of the subjects. This questioning is what I expect a person who represents citizenry to do. In the past there have been such dealings. For the most part, the town board and the various mayors have been forthright and honest in conducting the business of the Town of Berthoud.

If Mr. Hindman has so much influence and power that business owners feel threatened by him, why is he wasting his time running for a position in Berthoud’s government? And … why hasn’t he been eliminated from consideration long ago? Mr. Hindman has been elected to office in the past and maybe should be again. The voters of Berthoud are intelligent enough to make that decision.

The originator of the document appears to consider themselves clever by designing the hate mailer with a supposed return address.


348 Turner Avenue

Berthoud, Colorado 80513

This is Mr. Hindman’s home address. Do you want your home address to be the recipient of objects of hatred?

Come out cowardly anonymous so we can evaluate and compare your character to that of Mr. Hindman. A reputable business person would not be afraid to be evaluated. My guess is if their identity was known they might have to pay an economic price in loss of business for such narrow-minded gutter politics.

David W. Heckert




Dear editor:

As a county resident west of Berthoud who cannot vote in the Berthoud election, I am urging town voters to support Jeff Hindman for mayor. I have known Jeff for five years and have witnessed his focus on following proper procedures and fighting for citizens’ best interests and not special interests.

In 2013, with little notice or outreach to the public, the town moved to annex land west of 287 that was not in the growth management area. This westward expansion into county areas was not supported by a majority of town or county residents. It would have destroyed the rural landscape that so many who choose to move to Berthoud are looking for. Hundreds spoke against the annexation, yet it was approved by the town council anyway.

Jeff and other concerned citizens organized and fought back and got enough signatures to have Berthoud voters reconsider the flawed annexation. The voters agreed with Jeff and overturned the annexation 2-1 in 2014. Today that property has a county subdivision with 50 percent open space and has far less density than was proposed by the town. Berthoud’s western boundary is also still at County Road 19 where local residents agreed it should be. Jeff supports smart growth and was instrumental in preserving our rural landscape to the west.

Jeff believes following proper process and getting citizen input is crucial to making the right decisions for Berthoud. He will fight for what is right. Jeff also supports county residents and listens to their input, despite the fact they cannot vote on town issues that affect us. He realizes the Berthoud community is larger than just the incorporated town. We are all 80513.

Please vote for Jeff Hindman for mayor and let him put his leadership to work for Berthoud.

Loni Gaudet



To the editor:

I urge Berthoud voters to support Jeff Hindman for mayor. I have known Jeff for over 10 years since our sons were in Boy Scouts together and Jeff was one of the troop leaders. I know him as an honorable man who has incredible commitment to the future of our town.

Jeff has been volunteering and giving back to Berthoud for the last 23 years, and he is a man of his word. Jeff is very clear on his positions and is not afraid to take a stand that represents the majority of Berthoud residents. He listens to citizens’ input and asks the right questions at meetings. He does not accept the status quo. He has shown over the years that he gets tasks accomplished and follows through.

Please vote for leadership and thoughtful decisions. Vote Hindman for mayor.


Melanie Crane


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