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Obituary – Ann Elizabeth McCarthy

May 18, 2017 | Obituaries

Ann Elizabeth McCarthy
Jan. 28, 1940 – April 1, 2017

Ann Elizabeth McCarthy

Ann was born on Jan. 28, 1946, in Cheyenne, Wyo., the youngest of three children. She was baptized and confirmed in the Lutheran church, grew up in Cheyenne, and graduated from Cheyenne Central High School in 1964.
Following high school she worked as a bank teller and also as a phone operator running the town switchboard. She was married in 1968 and had two children, Theresa and Michael. The family moved to Loveland in 1973 and purchased a house Ann lived in for the rest of her life. Ann loved her home; it was a place of security, and over the years she created a beautiful sanctuary for herself and her family. She loved sitting by the pond to watch the koi fish, birds, squirrels, and even the bees in her son’s beehive. She would observe the various flight patterns of the bees with fascination, as each bee had their job to do as part of the hive. Her garden was also a tremendous source of enjoyment, as each tree in the yard had its own story.
Ann remained home when her children were young, but once they started school she began to work part time and took classes at Larimer County Vo-Tech Center (now Front Range Community College) in order to earn her LPN license. She eventually worked as a school nurse at Thompson Valley High School, then at Berthoud High School. After her nursing career she returned to banking. She worked at Berthoud National Bank which eventually became Guaranty Bank & Trust. Ann held various positions at the bank; including bookkeeper, teller, head teller, and new accounts manager. She retired in 2012.
Ann was active in the community. She was a member at Zion and was a part of the Lions Club, supporting their mission of helping others to see. When Ann was young the Lion’s Club gifted her with a pair of glasses when her family was not able to afford them. Ann always wanted to pass along to others this gift she had received.
Ann also was an active member of TOPS. She attended weekly meetings, and the women with whom she gathered became some of her dearest friends. Ann was to have been honored this year at the TOPS convention for losing 55 pounds. She was thoughtful and took great care to foster genuine relationships. Her life was blessed with quality friendships, but Ann’s greatest joy was her children and grandchildren.
Ann loved to do various crafts, such as knitting and cross stitch. She loved listening to old-time radio and major-league baseball games. She loved to read, especially mystery and detective books, and loved to watch these types of movies as well. In recent years, Ann began to listen to audio books … among her favorites was the Harry Potter series which she listened to night after night, over and over again.
Unfortunately, just weeks after her retirement in 2012 she was diagnosed with thyroid cancer. She fought against this cancer valiantly and had many more years than anyone anticipated. Ann lived her life fully and had zero regrets. In recent months, she found peace that she would eventually die. She did not want to suffer or linger, and she wanted to die at home. Ann got her wish. She returned home from the rehabilitation facility, had a wonderful dinner with her family, the next morning had coffee with dear friends, and then was tired and wanted to rest. Then she was gone. Ann died on April 1, 2017.

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