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News Bites – December 17, 2020

By: Amber McIver-Traywick | The Surveyor | December 17, 2020 | Local News

*Larimer County

  • Total Cases: 13,099 (+1,222 from last week)
  • Total Cases in Berthoud: 510 (+54 from last week)
  • Deaths: 98 (+13 from last week)
  • New positive cases in 24 hours: 122 (-52 from last week)
  • 14-Day Case Rate per 100k: 770
  • COVID patients in hospital: 102
  • Hospital Utilization: 73%
  • ICU Utilization: 80%
  • 14-Day test positivity rate: 10.9
  • Risk Score: High
  • 61% of the population of Larimer County has been reported to have contracted the virus. Deaths attributed to the virus comprise 0.75% of reported cases. Of reported deaths 55% were 85 and older.

*State of Colorado

  • New positive cases in 24 hours: 1,633 (-1,778 from last week)
  • COVID patients currently hospitalized: 1,629 (-218 from last week)
  • Hospital transfers or discharges in the past 24 hours: 241
  • Total cases: 293,382 (+24,793 from last week)
  • Total hospitalizations: 16,487
  • Deaths: 3,218 (+434 from last week)

*As of Dec. 16, 2020.


****On Tuesday the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment shared a checklist for counties with steps they can take if they are interested in setting up a business variance program known as the “5 star program.” Further details finalizing the parameters of the program, who is eligible, and what requirements businesses will have to follow will be released later this week, but with the information that has been provided, it will give interested cities or counties tools to begin their planning process. The program is optional; each city or county can determine whether this program is a good fit for their community.

Factors to determine if a county will qualify includes determining how the program will be administered and what resources a city or county will be able to devote to the program. Additionally, information on how inspections and program adherence will be monitored including the hiring of new staff will need to be outlined.

Once finalized, the program will encourage businesses to implement safety measures beyond what is already required by public health orders and guidelines that will help slow the spread of COVID-19, and in doing so, be able to accelerate their reopening. The final parameters of the program as well as details on the application process will be released soon.


****The first Pfizer vaccines were delivered to Colorado Monday and the Moderna COVID-19 vaccines will soon be on their way. The Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment (CDPHE) has collaborated closely with local public health agencies across the state to prepare health care facilities to receive the vaccine. These health care facilities will then distribute the vaccine to frontline health care workers.

Hospital workers who have direct contact with COVID-19 patients at UCHealth Memorial Hospital in Colorado Springs and Poudre Valley Hospital in Fort Collins received the first doses.

CDPHE has identified locations across the state with ultra-low temperature freezers to receive the first shipment of the Pfizer vaccine. These locations were chosen for their unique abilities to store, monitor and handle vaccines in ultra-cold temperatures (-60°C to -80°C), as well as their willingness to redistribute COVID-19 vaccine(s) to other providers in their regions. The state also considered equitable geographic distribution as well as transportation logistics given expected winter conditions in the coming months. To be as equitable as possible, the state also purchased 10 ultra-cold storage units. CDPHE has distributed 8 of these and the remaining two will be distributed today.

The nearest hospitals to Berthoud, UCHealth Medical Center of the Rockies received 500 Pfizer vaccines and will receive 1100 Moderna vaccines in the initial shipment and McKee Medical Center received 230 Pfizer and 200 Moderna. Larimer County Department of Public Health and Environment will receive 100 Moderna vaccines

The Moderna vaccine does not need to be stored at ultra-cold temperatures, allowing it to be distributed even further, especially to rural areas.

Colorado is requesting enough vaccines to provide for all Coloradans. Because of supply chain limitations, they anticipate that they will receive regular COVID-19 vaccine allocations from the federal government on a weekly basis. To be as fair and efficient with distribution as possible, the state has developed a phased approach to vaccine distribution to save lives and end the crisis that has been brought on by the pandemic as quickly as possible. The federal government is determining the allocation amount by the size of every state’s total population and the quantity of ready-to-ship doses from the manufacturers.

The North American Aerospace Defense Command (NORAD) at Peterson Air Force Base here in Colorado will begin tracking Santa Dec. 24 around the world using military sensors and technology. The NORAD Tracks Santa website,, went live Dec. 1 with games, videos, information and more. You can also call 1-877-Hi-NORAD on the Dec. 24 to hear updates on Santa’s location. The program has been helping keep an eye on Santa on his global journey for 65 years.

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