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More information and action from July 23 town board meeting

August 02, 2019 | Local News

By Rudy Hemman

The Surveyor

Last week’s report in the pages of the Surveyor concerning the activities of the town board was focused on the financing options of Waggener Farm Park as reported by Town Administrator Chris Kirk. It was deemed by the Surveyor staff that it was important to get as much of the information regarding the proposed financing to the public as possible.

Other action taken by the board on the evening of July 23 is as follows:

According to the staff report, Heritage Ridge seventh filing (Final Development Plan) and Final Plat (FP) brought forward a proposal. The applicant, Arbor Capital Partners, through its agent TB Group, is proposing a 50-lot FP and an amended FDP. The 10.21-acre parcel that was at one time set aside for future development is now being brought forward as an FDP/FP that shows 50 paired or zero lot-line homes along Canyonlands with two cul-de-sacs extending to the east with guest parking in the middle of each. The FDP applies to approximately 118 acres of the development.

During public comment 10 citizens stood at the podium to voice concerns regarding the proposal. Concerns registered were; a pedestrian crosswalk across Spartan; the boundary of the flood plain along the southern end of the entire development; increased traffic and not giving sufficient notice regarding changes to the development (Nobody knows what is going on within the development.)

Following board discussion and questioning of the applicant a motion to approve the Heritage Ridge FDP and FP, was made, seconded and passed.

Town Engineer Stephanie Brothers brought forward the 2019 Street Maintenance project for approval by the board.

According to an information sheet provided, the town received five bids for the pavement-maintenance project. The project includes asphalt overlay repairs on three streets and replacement of asphalt on three additional streets. Asphalt work at all intersections adjacent to the streets on which work is being done to include updating all concrete ramps to ensure ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) compliance. Included are the following: replacement of any damaged curbing or gutters, sidewalks and concrete drain pans.

The streets slated to receive the two-inch overlay are Ninth Street between the intersection with Spartan Avenue southward to Longview Avenue, and Longview from the intersection of South Ninth Street eastward to approximately Sage Place along with all of Redwood Circle. The streets to receive replacement of asphalt are Sage Place, Jay Place and Marshall Place. These streets will receive four inches of new asphalt.

The three low bidders for the project and their total bids are: Coulson Excavating Company, $357,548; Kehn Construction, $430,922, and Straightline Sawcutting, Inc.; $452, 962.

Brothers stated Coulson Excavating is available and can complete the project, as described, by the end of October.

Additionally, there are a number of streets which do not yet require overlay but could benefit from some minor work. Streets in these neighborhoods will receive an application of slurry seal to the road surfaces. Fickel Farm and Mary’s Farm, Peakview Meadows, Matthew’s Farm, Meadowlark Drive and Berthoud Commons.

A quote from A-1 Chipseal for doing all of the neighborhoods listed is $295,892.70.

A motion to award the 2019 Street Maintenance Project to Coulson Excavating Co. and authorize the town administrator to enter into a construction services contract between the town and Coulson Excavating was made, seconded and approved unanimously.

His motion was quickly followed by a motion authorizing the town administrator to enter into a construction services contract between the town and A-1 Chipseal to complete the slurry seal work as described in their quote was made, seconded and passed unanimously.

A town board information sheet informs an applicant, Roger Weibel, has submitted a petition to annex two adjoining properties of 1.87 acres located at 2541 North First Street, and 15.95 acres located off Clayton Place in northeast Berthoud.

The zoning proposal suggested by the applicant for the tracts is one of several light industrial zones which the town has approved. The majority of the properties along North First Street are zoned M-1 or M-2.

A public hearing date of Aug. 8, 2019, was set for a hearing before the planning commission, and Aug. 27 for the town board for Weibel and the WWW Properties annexations.

A motion to the affect stated above passed unanimously.

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