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Moon Theater and Four Square Church restoration projects

October 13, 2018 | Local News

By Heidi Short

In the past year we have seen some unfortunate things happening to historic properties in Berthoud. One historic place was subdivided, which contributed to an end to plans to open a historic bed and breakfast.Another case of subdividing affecting a historic property is a historic church lot that was subdivided resulting in the church losing the story signage that was put in place showcasing this historic property. Both properties have suffered because of the places built next to them, as have the surrounding neighborhoods.

Now, two other important pieces of Berthoud’s history need the communities help. The building that was once the Moon Theatre from 1921-1935, which is now a photography studio on Massachusetts Avenue, is in one of them. The previous owner took the front of the building off without considering what that would do to the historic designation of the building. He put the building in jeopardy of losing its official historic landmark status. To save the designation, an agreement was reached to rebuild the arch front that was there when it was the Moon Theatre. With that in mind we are searching for woodworkers as well as town members who have the funds to help restore this piece of architecture.

The second piece of Berthoud history in need of help is a building that is right on Mountain Avenue and is a town icon; the Four Square Church, also known historically as the United Brethren Church. Visitors from out of town, including a recent TV show, photograph the church as a major feature of our town. This wonderful centerpiece of town needs a lot of work, including masonry and stained glass repair, and so much more. The Historic Preservation Advisory Committee is currently requesting State funds for a Historical Building Assessment so we have a better idea of how much it will take to restore this beautiful structure. With this assessment, we file for a number of grants to help with the restoration of the building. However, State grants will require a certain amount of matching funds.So, again, we are in need of funds from supporters of historic Berthoud.

The people who visit our farmers’ market, as well as many other visitors, come here partially to walk our historic downtown and parks. These are part of the draw for our business and community as a whole and need our support.If you can help in any way, contact the building owners: Moon Theatre, Jason Innes (303) 946-1782; Four Square Church, Esteban Salazar, (970) 646-5140, the Historic Preservation Advisory Committee of the Town of Berthoud, or Curt Freese, community development director, 970.344.5818, [email protected]

We appreciate any help you can provide in saving Berthoud’s rich historic heritage.

Heidi Short

Chair of the Berthoud Historical Preservation Advisory Committee.

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