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Math really does count at Turner Middle School

February 15, 2023 | Local News

By Kristie Leonard

The Surveyor

The Math Counts team from Turner Middle School, coached by Kristi Leonard, won the Thompson School District Math Counts competition last week. The competition consists of three rounds of questions and a countdown round where students go head-to-head answering questions.

Turner’s Luke Miller, a seventh grader, had the highest score of the competition on the Sprint Round, where students had to answer in 30 questions in 40 minutes. Arabelle Bailey, TMS seventh grader grabbed second place in Sprint Round. Rick O’Brien, another TMS seventh grader, gained points on Miller and Bailey in the Target Round, which consisted of eight very difficult questions. Turner’s Caroline Mahoney moved up into fourth position after the Target Round.

The top 10 students went head-to-head in the Countdown Round. Mahoney beat out Jacob Corey of Walt Clark and then answered more quickly than Bailey to move up to third place. O’Brien beat Mahoney for second place and then also beat Miller to win the individual championship.

In the Team Competition, Walt Clark’s team answered one more question than Turner’s team However, Turner won the championship when the Sprint, Target, and Team Rounds were totaled. Turner got to keep the traveling trophy they won last year.

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