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Magic in the air and on the ground at Newell Farm

August 31, 2018 | Local News


Photo by Becky Justice-Hemmann : Michael Martin Murphey performs at the 16th Annual Farm Concert on Sunday, Aug. 26 at the Newell Farm in Berthoud.


By Becky Justice-Hemmann

The Surveyor

Rudy and I attended the 16th Annual Farm Concert on Sunday evening and were blown away by the amazing talent Butch Hause and Sarah Lincoln put together this year.

Photo by Becky Justice-Hemmann: The Winstons perform at the 16th Annual Farm Concert

Typically the Surveyor will preview an event in order to help the organizers have greater attendance. We didn’t do that this year for the farm concert because it sold out in six days. In the past they have sold 300 tickets, but going forward plan to expand to include 500.

We were treated to music by the Winstons, Full Moon Opry, and Michael Martin Murphey. They are all incredible musicians.

The Winstons are a trio – Andy and Cheryl Winston, on guitar, and Sally Van Meter playing dobro with them.

The singers/players in the Full Moon Opry were:

The Clabber Girls – Sarah Lincoln, Hannah Alkire and Annie Achenbach provided most of the vocals. Two of these women also provided much of the accompaniment on their musical instruments – Sarah Lincoln – guitar, and Hannah Alkire – cello. (Alkire makes up half of the musical duo Accoustic Idelon.)

Joe Scott – guitar

Chris Stongle – drums

Rich O’Dell – guitar

Ernie Martinez – banjo and guitar

Tim Foote – piano

Jim and Salli Ratts – from Runaway Express

Butch Hause – guitar and bass

They played a variety of music from blue grass to rock and roll.

I have to admit my knowledge of Michael Martin Murphey was primarily “Wildfire,” but was really surprised about the amount of music in his repertoire, music that he has written and covered. He is best known for western, country and pop music. I also did not know he is a multiple Grammy nominee and has six gold albums.

During his set, and between songs, he talked about what the songs meant to him, or how they related to our country and its past. Murphey’s band included Brennan Murphey on Celtic harp, Gary Roller on bass and Carin Mari on guitar.

Photo by Becky Justice-Hemmann : Full Moon Opry performs at the 16th Annual Farm Concert on Sunday, Aug. 26 at the Newell Farm in Berthoud.


Butch and Sarah announced they have beg

un the process of turning their 14-acre farmstead into a living history park and performing arts center. To honor the original owners of the property –Ernie Newell and his wife Rose – they will name the performing center Newell Farm.


Ernie and Rose farmed the place, raised sheep, and gave a great deal back to the community. “They were kind, highly respected people,” said Hause, who added, “We will make Newell Farm a family-centered, rural oasis that will be enjoyed by the residents of this community for generations to come. Newell Farm will reflect and represent the very heart of this community – the farm families that created the Garden Spot, Where Good Things Grow.”

They have met with the Town of Berthoud staff several times and may be considering annexation in to the town in the future.



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