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Light agenda – meaningful resolution

April 26, 2019 | Local News

By Rudy Hemmann

The Surveyor

The members of the Berthoud Town Board were greeted by an unusually light agenda Tuesday evening.

During citizen participation Mark Chaffee, owner/manager of the Berthoud Inn Bed and Breakfast, addressed the board concerning the town’s lodging tax. Chaffee suggested the monies collected from the lodging tax be placed in a separate fund to be used exclusively to promote tourism in Berthoud. He noted the town’s lodging tax ordinance was modeled on Loveland’s lodging tax ordinance.

He went on to state Loveland’s lodging tax proceeds are placed in a separate fund and expenditures from the fund may only be used to promote tourism in Loveland. Certain types of signage (i.e. directional signs or signs promoting tourism in Loveland) are also eligible for money from the fund, according to Chaffee.

He also reported his business was the only one paying a lodging tax, even though there were other businesses which “should” be paying the tax.

Following discussion the trustees directed town staff to establish a tourism fund and establish rules governing fund operation and expenditures.

A proclamation celebrating the Fiftieth Annual Municipal Clerks Week, from May 5, 2019, to May 11, 2019, was read into the record, and a separate proclamation proclaiming May 2019 as Mental Health Awareness Month was also read into the record.

The board selected May 14, 2019, as the date on which to hold a public hearing regarding adoption, by reference, the 2018 Edition of the Model Traffic Code.

An information sheet provided the following: “The State of Colorado adopted the first Model Traffic Code (MTC) in 1952 and has since updated the code eleven times over the decades. The Town of Berthoud last adopted the MTC by reference on October 12th, 2010. Since then, the MTC has been updated and a final draft has been made available by the State of Colorado.

To better understand the changes to the Code, a document to illustrate the changes made is attached to this informational sheet. The MTC has been adopted and used by many municipalities across the state. Adoption of the MTC helps to ensure that traffic codes are consistent in the different jurisdictions across the State of Colorado. A draft ordinance would adopt the code in its entirety by reference. Adopting a code by reference requires additional noticing prior to the adoption of the ordinance. At this initial introduction of the ordinance, the Town Board may give direction to schedule a public hearing and consider the adoption of the ordinance following the public hearing.”

A resolution regarding growth and economic development, which had been authored by Mayor Pro-Tem Jeff Hindman, was presented by Hindman. The resolution began by referring to the growth cap, which was in place from 1999 to 2003, and how the town’s economic growth suffered with the cap in place, while surrounding communities enjoyed relatively robust economic growth. It went on to indicate the recent “boom in residential development … is the direct result of the pent-up demand caused by the growth cap and the subsequent recession(s),” made reference to the efforts made by the town board and town staff to update the development code as well as bringing employment to Berthoud; along with goods, services and restaurants to the town. And finally spoke out against, “artificial growth limits, unjustified fees, moratoriums … and special elections.”

After the reading of the resolution the board voted unanimously in favor of it.

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