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Larimer Humane Society: PETS OF THE WEEK

July 13, 2017 | Local News

This week’s pets of the week are Ruby, a shy, gentle cat who needs a little extra patience, Sissy, an energetic Pit Bull who would love to be by your side, and Sable, a young rabbit who is looking for someone to bond with!

Meet Ruby, an independent gem of a cat who is looking for a patient home to help her grow into the sweetheart she is! This fluffy girl is a little bit shy at first, and needs time to explore on her own. Ruby was surrendered for house soiling, or not using the litterbox, but don’t let that deter you! House soiling could be caused by a number of factors; stress, environmental factors, or medical conditions like an UTIs just to name a few. Ruby was previously owned for less than three months so she wasn’t really given a chance to be setup for success in her new home. It is likely that her previous owner was unable to identify Ruby’s stressors in that short amount of time before surrendering her. Ruby is gentle, but somewhat nervous of strangers, and will need time to adjust to her new surroundings. Adopt Ruby and give her the second chance she deserves! This gentle kitty is $25, and can’t wait to see you!

Sissy, a dashing young Pit Bull, came to Larimer Humane Society after escaping from her owners who then did not reclaim her. Sissy is an active breed of dog, and she would love to accompany you on walks, runs, and hikes! Energetic dogs enjoy a variety of indoor stimulation as well, such as kong treats or puzzle toys that make them think. Be careful, however, as Pit Bulls are also known to be huge snuggle bugs… you may discover that some days it’s the couch potato life for you and Sissy! This happy girl is $175 — make her a part of your family today!

Sable is a seven-month-old black rabbit who is looking for a family to call her own! Rabbits can have a wide range of personality, from independent and cat-like to openly affectionate like a dog. Sable is still young and therefore there is plenty of time to discover what her personality is like! Rabbits are more intelligent than many people think, and often learn to respond to their own names, to simple words, and can even use a litterbox! However, rabbits are very fragile creatures and should not be handled by small children. Older children or adults would be the best family that Sable could ask for! This fluffy bunny is $25, and she’s waiting for you to come meet her!

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