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Larimer County Commissioner Candidate profile: Jody Shadduck-McNally (Democrat) Larimer County Commissioner District 3

June 22, 2020 | Local News

By Dan Karpiel

The Surveyor

Jody Shadduck-McNally

The Surveyor reached out to all 10 of the major-party candidates for Weld County Commissioner and all nine candidates for the open County Commissioner seats in Larimer County and prefaced four questions, outlined below. Due to space limitations in print and a desire to provide as much detailed information as possible to readers, the candidates’ responses to the questions will be posted verbatim here.

1. Can you please provide a brief history of your background, i.e. career/occupation, family, history in Colorado/Larimer County, etc., just some basic get-to-know-you information for our readers.

I was born and raised in Northern Colorado. My mother was born in a small farmhouse in Larimer County just east of Berthoud. I have lived in Larimer County for 20 years with my family.

My husband and I have been happily married for 26 years and we have three children. One son is in graduate school at CSU and one son is in graduate school at CU Boulder. We live on a small property in unincorporated Larimer County southwest of Loveland. We have backyard chickens, beehives, and have a small business and small farm. I have worked in exercise science as a specialist in collaboration with outpatient/inpatient clinics and hospitals. I also have volunteered as an EMT and CPR instructor in the early 1990’s here in Larimer County. My husband has worked in the emergency medicine field for over 30 years; most of it here in Larimer County. I have been a part time caregiver for my grandparents and parents until my father’s death last year. In the past decade I have started two nonprofits in Larimer County that are thriving. I have been serving multiple Thompson School District task forces, the Master Plan Committee, and the District Accountability Committee and other committees for the past 19 years.

Currently I serve on the Larimer County Office on Aging Advisory Council, Loveland Human Services Commission, and many other committees. My hobbies include hiking (over 100 miles in Rocky Mountain National Park every year), baking, gardening, service work, and raising my chickens and bees.

In 2018, I was one of the lead team members who helped pass the Larimer County Mental Health Initiative, thanks to the support of the Larimer voters. I traveled all around Larimer County (including Berthoud three times), putting over 1,500 miles on my car and gave over 60 presentations.

2. What prompted you to run for Larimer County Commissioner District 3?

During the past twenty years of service work in Larimer County, I became aware of the importance of how the Office of County Commissioner impacted our daily lives.

During my time as a caregiver for my parents, I became more aware of some of the resources for aging adults and caregivers through the Office on Aging which deepen my interest in County Government. I have spent the past four years attending many Commissioner meetings, comprehensive planning meetings, boards and commission meetings, and the behavioral health initiative meetings to learn and prepare to run for Larimer County Commissioner. The more I learned about the areas that Commissioners impacted, the more my passion grew to serve my community and give back in this capacity.

3. Can you please provide a brief outline of your political/ideological philosophy?

My political philosophy comes from a volunteer service heart. Elected officials have a responsibility to make sure that all voices are heard so that we can find solutions that work for everyone. I’m committed to constituent outreach, hearing concerns, and working together to solve problems.

We also need to work regionally as well. Larimer County can only advance by working collaboratively on larger problems, including transportation, economic development, behavioral health and environmental protections.

4. What are the major issue(s) on which you want to focus your campaign and potential service as Larimer County Commissioner District 3?

From day one, I’ll be focused on recovery & resiliency for ALL of Larimer County in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic and subsequent economic crisis, including small businesses, families, and services. As we work through these unprecedented times, we cannot lose sight of the long-term challenges our County faces – specifically:

Clean Air & Clean Water, Environmental Stewardship- our natural resources are a valuable economic asset – bringing in millions of dollars a year through tourism. As our population grows, we’re going to need careful planning so that future generations can continue to enjoy our beautiful vistas, trails, and parks.

Affordable & Attainable Housing- More and more individuals and families are struggling to pay for housing. This isn’t just a moral issue – it’s an economic issue as well. Businesses are feeling the pinch as talent was hard to find and attract, and employees have to drive further and further to get to work.

Sustainable Growth- Larimer County’s population will continue to grow as more people move to our beautiful area. Now is the time to plan for smart growth while deciding together where we want to be as a county in 50 years. This will require collaborative and creative leadership in order to guide development while preserving and protecting our quality of life.

Transportation- We’ve all noticed increased traffic congestion. We need to continue the progress on I-25 lane expansion and Hwy 34 repair work through the Big Thompson Canyon, and work to ensure that people can get to work and school on time. As the population of Larimer County continues to expand, and transportation needs diversify, it is clear that we can’t just pave our way out of congestion and accidents.

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