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KEEP IT LOCAL – Sounds of Silver offers everyday minimalist jewelry

By: Shelley Widhalm | The Surveyor | February 25, 2022 | Local News

Lynsey Morgan likes to handcraft jewelry that’s simple, versatile and beautiful, and she likes her pieces to be wearable every day.

Morgan creates pieces for Sounds of Silver that are delicate and detailed, yet durable and comfortable.

“I’m trying to make handcrafted, timeless jewelry pieces—timeless with a twist,” said Morgan, jewelry designer and maker for Sounds of Silver. “Each piece has been given my full attention and intention to make it beautiful and deliver the quality people can enjoy for a long time.”

Morgan founded Sounds of Silver in 2010 as a home-based business that she calls a hidden gem in Berthoud.

Courtesy photo – gold earrings from Sounds of Silver

“Since there’s not a storefront, a lot of people don’t know my company exists here,” Morgan said.

She does most of her sales online through her website and Etsy and occasionally through pop-up markets and at You + Me Floral and Gifts in Berthoud. Her pieces are different from what can be found in the typical big box store.

“People can really tell each piece is handcrafted. They can see each mark in the metal … the maker’s mark in the piece,” Morgan said.

Morgan’s pieces stand out for the time and attention to detail she gives them and the fact they are one-of-a-kind, she said.

“It’s not just a casted machine piece,” Morgan said. “There’s more of a story behind it.”

Morgan sells hoops, studs, threaded earrings, necklaces, bracelets and rings made out of silver, gold and rose gold, a coppery, warm tone of gold. Her jewelry is traditionally shaped and includes balls, pebbles, almonds, teardrops and arcs. She doesn’t use stones, engaging in minimalist metalwork and incorporating “something a little modern in the aesthetic,” she said.

“When I first started my company, I made more chime-y-sounding earrings, but I moved more into a minimalist style,” Morgan said.

Morgan came up with the name of her company by combining the sense of sound with the silver of jewelry. Her tagline is “Add a sparkle to your day.”

“I was trying to think of something that was ethereal and that was easy enough for grandma to say and spell,” Morgan said.

Morgan originally worked as an art therapist for one year before becoming a metalsmith. She graduated with a master’s degree in art therapy counseling in 2011 from Southern Illinois University Edwardsville. She found the job and facility where she worked to be challenging and decided to pursue a career in classical metalsmithing, which she learned about through her regular studies.

“I found myself retreating back into my art and seeking that as my own art therapy,” Morgan said. “I was looking for both a creative outlet and a way that I could work for myself.”

Morgan considers jewelry-making to be an “almost meditative,” peaceful experience, she said.

“I love the repetition of forming and hammering, and it’s also nice to come away from the bench with a physical product that’s beautiful in this modern-day,” Morgan said. “I love that at the end of my studio time, I would have a beautiful, finished product either I could enjoy or someone else could.”

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