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Ivy Stockwell penny wars help Texas school

December 07, 2017 | Local News

Special to the Surveyor

In early October, Ivy Stockwell Elementary School started a penny wars fundraiser contest to raise money to send to Texas to help with Hurricane Harvey damage.

The school raised $1,080.39 and sent it to the Vidor Independent School District in Vidor, Texas, which is east of Beaumont, Texas. Ivy recently received a thank you letter from the district that states:

“Hurricane Harvey devastated the town of Vidor, Texa,s and our residents, including nearly 5,000 students and about 750 staff members. Many have lost their homes or suffered extensive damage. Most had no flood insurance. Families who were already struggling to make ends meet are now destitute, not having clothing for their children, school supplies or meals.

“But folks like you stepped up and not only cared, but did something. We are so grateful. We do not take lightly the sacrifices of your money, time, and hard work to make certain that our young Pirates are cared for. School started on Sep. 19, with generous donations of supplies to help our kids be ready for a great year.

“We are so grateful for your donation to help our students and staff in Vidor schools. I am so grateful for the assistance your school chose to offer to aid our flooded Vidor Middle School library. It is our blessing to have been chosen to receive your kindness.

Sally Andrews, coordinator of Community Relations.”

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