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Enjoy a pancake or two on Flap Jack Day at City Star

September 01, 2016 | Local News

By Aaron Reynolds
The Surveyor

Berthoud may look like your average small-town community, yet when you scratch the surface it has its own unique history. For example, consider Flap Jack Day – from 1948 to 1959 – a Labor Day celebration that drew hordes of people to “The Garden Spot.” The event was such a success that an estimated 1,000 persons descended on Berthoud for the inaugural event to enjoy 5,000 free pancakes. Then, in 1958, the Lions Club and Chamber of Commerce no longer had the necessary resources to supply the event.

Enter 2015: A new era; a new beginning.

Popular hometown craft brewery City Star Brewing relaunched the event after owner Whitney Way felt inspired to bring back a famous tradition from years ago – acknowledging a black-and-white photo of Berthoud Flap Jack parade float located in the hallway of the brewery along with a “great relationship” with the Berthoud Historical Society.

Flap Jack Day continues the tradition of free pancakes to the Berthoud community and friends. Starting at 11a.m. and carrying on until 6 p.m. Way hopes to double what they served last year at 1,000 flap jacks. The event is clearly a community event, as Diane Levy whipped together the flapjacks from scratch, Hays Market agreed to donate breakfast sausages, and Long Shadow Farm (also in Berthoud) will donate their own eggs for the batter.

“The whole community is kind of helping out to put this event on, which is really neat,” Way said.

In addition to free pancakes, Berthoud crowned their first Flap Jack Queen in 50 years in 2015 – Caitlin Ascher. The food-eating contest, where ladies, and ladies only, compete to be the first to devour five flapjacks.

In addition to a delicious free breakfast, City Star will also release a Flap Jack “slight” of five beer tasters, including the popular Coffee Stout and Maple Brown Ale, along with a couple of new tasters that will be different from last year.

Way also encouraged anyone with a “classic” or “vintage” vehicle to line the streets of Mountain Avenue on Sept. 5 in order to add to the overall throwback vibe, she said. It is also encouraged to dress up ‘50s style for the event.

Lastly, but certainly not least, City Star will release their own supply of ‘50s-style pin-up calendars conducted by a photographer who shoots an annual “Women of Craft Beer” calendar. City Star, along with 12 other breweries, is represented in the 2017 edition.

It should also be noted that a portion of the beer-taster sales and direct donations will go to the Berthoud Historical Society. Last year the event raised $1,000 for the organization. Commemorative pins for $1 each will also be available at the Berthoud Historical Society booth.

“I would love to see Flap Jack Day turn into a community event that lasts all (Labor Day) weekend; to make Berthoud this Labor Day weekend destination,” Way acknowledged. “It doesn’t have to be just City Star. I would love to see all the businesses have events throughout the weekend.

“Who knows, maybe in future years it can be sort of a bigger draw,” Way added.

Visit for more information where you may also register for the Flap Jack Queen Contest or learn how to park your vintage automobile in downtown Berthoud for the event.

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