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Easthaven concept approved by planning commission

June 04, 2015 | Local News

By Rudy Hemmann
The Surveyor

The Berthoud planning commission held a regular meeting Thursday, May 28, and considered three agenda items.

Town planner Sarah Chmielak presented a concept plan for the Easthaven subdivision. The Easthaven project was formerly named Trails at Sugar Creek, and the property was annexed to the town under that former name in 2006. It was zoned Planned Unit Development at that time.

Easthaven is sandwiched between the recently approved Westhaven subdivision to the west and the existing North Park subdivision and the recently approved McGill Farm Minor Subdivision to the east. It is bounded on the south by Bunyan Avenue and Larimer County Road 10E on the north.

The property consists of approximately 157 acres, and according to the concept plan brought forth by the applicant, Joel Wiens representing Capital Corp. located in Cheyenne, Wyo., will contain 563 residential units. Approximately 16.5 acres, spread over two sites, are slated for construction of 132 townhomes. The balance of the property is proposed to be single-family residential lots which will range from 5,500 to 8,250 square feet.

The concept plan presented to the commission proposes 22 percent of the property be utilized as parks and open space.

The staff report, authored by Chmielak, states the proposed concept plan “appears to adequately address the concept plan review criteria,” at least at this stage of the plan, and recommended approval of the plan as submitted.

During a public hearing of the issue, eight citizens of the town expressed their concerns regarding the proposal. Primary concerns voiced by those who spoke were storm water drainage issues from the area surrounding 10th Street and Bunyan Avenue eastward to about Seventh Street and Bunyan Avenue, the density proposed by the plan, and increased traffic on Bunyan Avenue near Berthoud Elementary School.

Items mentioned by the commissioners during commission discussion were street alignments and connectivity with neighboring developments, drainage issues need to be addressed by the developer in conjunction with the town, and the importance of future traffic studies. The motion which the commission approved the concept plan presented and made note of the issues mentioned by the commissioners. Approval by the commission was unanimous.

A minor subdivision request brought forward by M & C Real Estate LLC was reviewed by the commission. The tract under review is located at the southwest quadrant of the intersection of Highway 56 and Interstate 25, and is adjacent to the future Love’s Travel Center.

A staff report authored by Sherry Albertson-Clark noted the property consists of 97.7 acres and the owner is proposing to subdivide a portion of this property into six lots and one large tract of 76.45 acres. The entire property to be subdivided is zoned C-2: general commercial.

There was little discussion by the commission and the only questions revolved about the Kerr-McGee oil and gas easements and surface use agreement.

A motion to approve the minor subdivision request by M & C Real Estate was made, seconded and approved unanimously.

The commissioners chose by unanimous voice vote to forward proposed updates to the development code to the town board for approval.

The next planning commission meeting is scheduled for June 11.

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