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Common code violations in Berthoud

By: Amber McIver-Traywick | The Surveyor | July 29, 2021 | Local News

Keeping the Garden Spot safe and beautiful isn’t one person’s job, everyone who lives here plays a part. And, the Town of Berthoud has a municipal code that helps keep everyone on the same page.

The town does have a Neighborhood Services Officer who helps to maintain and improve the quality of Berthoud neighborhoods by working with residents to ensure compliance with the Berthoud Municipal Code. Generally, this will come in the form of a written notice with a reasonable timeframe to correct the issue.

According to Berthoud’s Town Clerk Christian Samora, the following code issues are some of the more common ones the town sees and a brief explanation of each.

Weeds and unsightly vegetation:  Weeds and non-decorative grasses, as well as plant growth that is considered to be undesirable, cannot exceed 12 inches in height. An undesirable plant are those that are defined as a noxious weed by the Colorado Department of Agriculture. Samora explained though that this height restriction does not include desirable plants that are included in maintained landscaping or gardens. So,  tall plants like corn and sunflowers are of course a welcome addition to any Berthoud garden.

Trees and brush: Property owners are responsible for the maintenance and removal of any trees and brush located on their private property or the right of way that is adjacent to their property. Bushes should be kept away from sidewalks and limbs must be 8 ft. above the sidewalk. If your trees overhang the street those need to have a 14-foot clearance. Fallen trees and branches are also the homeowner’s responsibility to clear and dispose of.

Garage or yard sales:  No garage sale can continue for more than 3 consecutive days.

Graffiti: Any property that has been defaced on public or private property is considered a nuisance.  The abatement of such graffiti is the responsibility of the property owner.

Inoperable vehicles on private property:  Vehicles must be in working condition with all tires inflated and must bear valid license plates on private property.  Inoperable vehicles on private property must be screened from public view by a fence or structure, not a tarp or other covering, built in accordance with the Berthoud Municipal Code. Samora said the vehicle cannot have expired license plates and the code also applies to vehicles that have been wrecked.

This also leads us to utility trailers and flatbeds. If the trailer is not attached to a working vehicle and parked in an appropriate place this is also against the code.

Campers, coaches and other vehicles: Include all vehicles designed for sleeping or dwelling may not be parked on Town right-of-way for longer than four days. With these vehicles, Samora said if the camper or RV has popouts that, “When they are properly parked they shouldn’t extend into driving lanes and sidewalks for safety reasons.”

Junk or junkyards: The accumulation of junk is prohibited unless it is screened from public view.  Such accumulation cannot create a condition that is a threat to public health.  Any accumulation of junk that is not a threat to public health, safety and welfare must be screened from public view by a fence or structure built in accordance with the Berthoud Municipal Code.

Snow and ice:  We might not be too concerned with this right now but when it does inevitably happen snow and ice should be removed within 24 hours after any snow stops falling. Residents are required to remove snow and ice from any public walks adjacent to their property.

Although talking to your neighbors about concerns you may have pertaining to the municipal code might be a good first step, reporting a violation might be step two and can be done by emailing [email protected] or calling the town at 970-344-5825.

For more information about the municipal code or for further details visit


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