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Cilantro & Lime offers food truck options

February 27, 2020 | Local News

By Shelley Widhalm

The Surveyor

Berthoud caterer Jeannie Wilcox wanted a way to bring her Mexican and Asian food to Berthoud without opening a restaurant.

Breweries like City Star Brewing and Berthoud Brewing wanted to offer food for their clients but are in the beer business.

The solution: Wilcox, co-owner of Cilantro & Lime with her husband, Darrel, is parking her food truck at both breweries and also at Berthoud festivals and events. She also may expand to other locations, such as a site close to Berthoud High School for a lunch alternative.

“It’s really a great partnership for breweries that don’t serve food,” Wilcox said. “It attracts more people to the brewery and encourages them to stay longer and order seconds. For the food truck, it gives me an opportunity to sell, and I don’t have to worry about seating, I just bring the food. I can’t provide a restaurant experience for them. The brewery can do that.”

Wilcox brought her food truck to Berthoud Brewing’s parking lot Feb. 20 for a soft opening and will hold the grand opening at City Star Feb. 27. Initially, she will serve lunch 11:30 a.m.-1:30 p.m. Wednesday to Friday at Berthoud Brewing. She will be open in the evenings 5-8 p.m. Thursdays along Mountain Avenue in front of City Star.

“I’ll be open Saturdays for events,” Wilcox said. “I plan on doing all the Berthoud events.”

Wilcox came up with the name for her food truck and catering business based on the food she serves—several Mexican and Asian dishes use cilantro and lime in their ingredient lists.

“A lot of flavors cross and are very similar even on opposite sides of the globe,” Wilcox said. ‘
Initially, the menu will feature four rice bowls, four types of soups and a Thai quinoa salad, plus a few special wraps, tacos and salads on a rotating basis. The rice bowls include peanut chicken, Hawaiian barbecue, teriyaki turkey and California rolls, and the soups are black bean, Thai curry with shrimp, hot and sour, and posole. The Asian selections include Thai, Korean, Japanese and Vietnamese.

“I’ll probably change it up from week to week a little bit,” she said.

Wilcox plans to offer new items, such as chicken mole tacos and Banh-mi wraps that will appear on the menu in the next couple of months.

“One of the reasons we chose our menu is it’s stuff you can’t get in Berthoud,” Wilcox said, adding that she also wants to serve fresh, healthy food. “I wanted to make sure there are some healthy options, some vegetarian options, things people can feel good about serving their families.”

Wilcox decided to open her food truck and catering business after catering for friends and at church events for about 10 years, including weddings, showers, graduations and parties. She plans to do the same type of catering for clients, such as delivering trays to business lunches, backyard barbecues and parties in the greater Berthoud area, including Loveland and Longmont. She also can bring her truck to a venue and serve out of that.

“It’s pretty flexible and what the client needs,” Wilcox said.

For years, Wilcox, who has worked for Pampered Chef in the past, wanted to own her own business and have her two children eventually be able to work with her, she said.

“I like idea of a food truck because it’s less overhead and the flexibility to be able to do things with my family,” Wilcox commented.

Wilcox also wants to give back to the community. She plans to serve at the food bank at the House of Neighborly Services and hopes to work with Berthoud Parks & Recreation to sponsor teams and cater events.

“I want to be very community minded,” Wilcox said. “I want to be really involved in the community.”

For more details about Cilantro & Lime, visit or contact Wilcox at 970-599-5123 or [email protected]

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