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Candidates respond to questions regarding their views on the future of Berthoud

March 01, 2018 | Local News

Patrick Dillon – Trustee Candidate 

1.Why are you running for town trustee? My reason for running for town trustee is simple, my neighbors. I’ve been honored to listen as they share with me their experiences, struggles and hopes. I want to be part of a solution that hopefully reduces the struggles they face. It would exciting to be part of a team that helps to make their future experiences positive and brighter. Lastly, it gives me hope to think we can all do our part together to support one another in big and small ways. The way I’d like to give back to the community I call home is by being one voice on our Berthoud Board of Trustees.

2.What do you believe the role of a trustee should be? The role of town trustee, in my view, is more of a balancing act, rather than a defined role. As trustee, I believe it would be my job to represent all of the residents of Berthoud. Those who attend every public meeting and those who don’t care to vote in any election at all. The balancing act comes when you need to be that voice that represents everyone, as well as a leader with a clear vision to see what tomorrow can offer for our community. I have no doubt I can do both effectively for Berthoud.

3.What do you believe are the three most important issues facing Berthoud? I believe one of the most pressing issues is to create and implement more recreational and leadership opportunities for our youth. As trustee I would like to continue to work on finding more creative and effective ways to secure affordable housing. I like to focus on policy that supports a housing market that is diverse and supports all of our Berthoud families. Lastly, my thoughts are that we will need to tackle our future transportation plans now as we and the entire northern Front Range continues to grow. The need is present now. Let’s look at creating a long-term master plan that addresses current and future issues with our local transit systems.

4. What is your vision for downtown Berthoud? As trustee I hope to use my voice to ensure downtown Berthoud stays the epicenter of future economic activity, community events, and the place for family-friendly Berthoud fun. Our community is clearly growing in many different areas, but we can continue to support our downtown businesses by making decisions that would keep and support our downtown as the gateway to Carter Lake and the Garden Spot of Colorado.

5. How can the town improve recreational opportunities? First, I believe the voters deserve to have a say at the ballot on a possible recreation district. My position is simple, give the people the information they need and they will give us the answer. Outside of that, I believe our recreation department has done an amazing job up to this point. It will require more investment and smart thinking to add new, attractive recreation options moving forward. I believe the recommendations of the PORT committee should be taken seriously and realistically implemented as we secure funding to do so.

Tim Hardy – Trustee Candidate

1.Why are you running for town trustee? I am running because Berthoud is my hometown. I have lived here 40+ years of my life. My mother, uncle, brother, sister, two sons and a niece have all graduated Berthoud High School, and my daughter graduates this year. I have been involved in the community in many different ways, (coaching soccer, scouting, Berthoud Habitat for Humanity, Berthoud Historical Society, Berthoud Bash, the schools, Christmas in Berthoud, planning commission) and this is just another way I feel I can contribute and participate in something to better maintain my hometown.

2. What do you believe the role of a trustee should be? My role as a trustee is to hear all sides and make sound, balanced decisions on what those of us would like to see in our town.

3. What do you believe are the three most important issues facing Berthoud? That seems to change on a regular basis. But lately, it is how the town manages our mosquito situation, growth/ development of the town, while maintaining its small town charm, maintenance/upkeep of the towns systems (streets, parks etc.)

4. What is your vision for downtown Berthoud? Our downtown should be a place where it is an enjoyable destination, day or night; a place to do some fun shopping, family dining, or some night-life entertainment. I would love to see more locals and visitors walking around our downtown area being social. So we need to encourage local in our community and how it really supports everyone here.

5. How can the town improve recreational opportunities? A recreation center is something I believe many of us would like to see. But we also have a lot of what a recreation center has to offer. We have two local athletic clubs in town, a swimming pool, and trails and neighborhoods that are great for walking or jogging. There are also plenty of ball fields, and two school tracks that can be used. I think further study is needed to determine what the community would like to see in the recreation center and how much it would cost. Then take it to the voters to decide on setting up a recreation taxing district to pay for it.



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