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Boy Scouts “goat” your Christmas tree

January 11, 2019 | Local News


Special to the Surveyor

Berthoud’s Boy Scouts Troop 6 recycled about 65 Christmas trees this year on Saturday, Jan. 5. Some of the trees went to the town’s drop-off site, but this year the scouts received a special request from two farms asking for trees they could feed to their goats. This was fun for the scouts because they got to see the goats munch on the trees. This is the fourth year the scouts have done this with the help of their leaders Kurt Worrell (organizer) and Jen Rotar (who takes care of social media and online donations for the troop). Since the start, the number of trees collected has increased each year. They accept donations typically from $10-20, but this year they’ve received two very generous donations far above that range. About eight boys put four hours of work into picking up trees from curbsides and recycling them. The earnings received for their volunteer work typically go toward summer camp or any scout-related costs. All of the money goes directly to the kids. The adult helpers are there to supervise and drive the trucks and trailers. This year the weather was nice. However, the boys enjoy recycling trees to raise funds for their campouts and scout gear, even if it’s cold and snowy.

Overall, the boys are grateful for the town’s support which lets them have this opportunity to help the community while helping to finance their future scouting trips and activities.



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