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Board approves work on Berthoud reservoir, land purchase

January 26, 2017 | Local News

By Rudy Hemmann
The Surveyor

On Tuesday evening the Berthoud Board of Trustees heard presentations from representatives of firms which are already doing business with the town and are eager to continue doing so into 2017. Those firms are Slate Communications and Ramey Environmental Compliance, Inc. (REC).

Claire Bouchard, representing Slate Communications, presented a contract for which her company would be compensated at the rate of $4,275 per month ($51,300 annually) for approximately 45hours per month of communication support. The contract would be in effect through December 2017.

Looking forward, Bouchard outlined the items which her firm would be actively involved with to assist the town with communication needs. Some of the items listed include: establishing a communication plan for 2017; emergency support – if required; creating the monthly newsletter; press releases for the town; create a bi-monthly business development newsletter; develop communication plans around the West Nile Virus and Emerald Ash Borer threats; post items on the towns social media sites.

An information sheet provided by town staff states Slate Communications has been working with the town since the latter part of 2014, and since that time there has been “increased citizen awareness of town policies, programs and services.”

Wayne Ramey, president of REC gave a comprehensive presentation during which he made note of the extensive repairs and improvements employees of his company had made to the waste water plant and infrastructure. He stated all of the lift stations within the system needed some type of repair work.

REC has been the Operator in Responsible Charge of both wastewater plants and five lift stations of the Berthoud wastewater system for approximately 18 months. According to information provided by Ramey, REC has saved the town in excess of $89,000 since starting work on the town’s wastewater system.

Ramey outlined an impressive list of pump repair or replacement and control system upgrades for 2017.

According to the contract presented, compensation for REC would be a base rate of $21,950 per month, with additional amounts due in the event an unforeseen emergency should occur.

Both of the above contracts were unanimously approved by the board.

Town Engineer Stephanie Brothers presented a change order for the Berthoud Reservoir Rebuild Project. As stated in an information sheet provided, “On Aug. 23, 2016, the Berthoud Reservoir project was awarded to Western States for approximately $1.2 million. This project included dredging out the bottom of the reservoir. Included also was constructing a new smaller dam to partition the water into two separate cells. The two separate water cells help the water staff to better manage the water quality delivered to the water plant for treatment. The western cell will be for recreational use. The eastern cell will be restricted to public use and the main storage to the water treatment plant.

The attached change orders were not initially part of the first scope of work that was awarded in the summer 2016.”

The document also noted the state dam engineer wanted the road on the dam to be resurfaced, along with a recommendation to upgrade the bridge to the existing outlet structure. In addition, other items were suggested to improve the bottom surface of the reservoir for fish habitat. These changes would help the town to later qualify for fishing for fun grants which would help to allow the final project to improve the bottom surface for future fish habitat. The document continues, “These items fall under an approximate increase change order for $160,000. The 2016-2017 budget is for a total of $1.9 million; including engineering and testing. There is a balance of around $450,000 after all initial costs are included.”

A motion to approve the staff recommendation for Western States to move forward with the change order for the Berthoud Reservoir Rebuild Project was made, seconded and approved unanimously.

The Birdsall Group, acting as agent for the applicant, Arbor Capital Partners, brought forward Preliminary Plat plans for the second filing of the Heritage Ridge development. The 77.3-acre tract is located south of Spartan Avenue and east of Fifth Street, and is slated for 194 single-family lots with a 10.2-acre tract reserved for future townhomes.

Following an introduction to the plan by Curt Freese, community development director, the trustees took turns quizzing Freese and the Birdsall representative Kristin Turner regarding he future Spartan Avenue railroad crossing, the project layout and trail connectivity.

A motion to accept the recommendation and approve the Heritage Ridge Filing 2 preliminary plat with conditions was made, seconded and approved unanimously.

With town board approval staff informed the board the town has an opportunity to purchase an approximately 11-acre tract adjacent to the eastern side if the town’s raw-water treatment plant and reservoir dam. The purchase price of $200,000 made the offer extremely attractive.

According to an information sheet for the item funds for the purchase of the property would come equally from two funds; the $500,000 budgeted for water plant expansion in 2017 and the $1.9 million budgeted for reservoir improvements in 2016.

The board unanimously approved the purchase agreement for the property.

The trustees approved a new official site for the posting of town board, planning commission and advisory committee agendas. The location of the new bulletin board is to the right of the entrance doors of the building.

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