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Biochar Now featured on Dirty Jobs

By: Terry Georgia | The Surveyor | January 13, 2023 | Local News

Photo courtesy of Biochar Now – Mike Rowe, host of the Discovery Channel show Dirty Jobs, worked alongside members of Berthoud’s Biochar Now production team for an episode of Dirty Jobs to air Sunday.

Berthoud’s own innovative company, Biochar Now, whose mission is “To restore the Earth for Humanity,” will be featured on the popular Discovery Channel show, Dirty Jobs, starring Mike Rowe.  The program is scheduled to air this Sunday, January 15, 2023, and will also be available on a variety of streaming platforms.

The Dirty Jobs film crew came to Berthoud last June to film the episode. The crew shot for two days, depicting the different aspects of Biochar Now production. Show host, Mike Rowe was there on the second day and pitched right in as a member of the company’s production crew. He did some of their dirtiest jobs, including carbon processing, equipment maintenance and bagging the finished biochar product. “He got right in there with the guys and did all the work,” said Jordan Gaspard, Managing Director of Biochar Now, “the guys thought it was the coolest thing, they were so excited. It really boosted morale to get that kind of recognition for what they do.”

Mike Rowe’s current Facebook profile photo shows his carbon-covered face after a day of working with the Biochar Now crew.

The episode will feature Biochar Now’s innovative technology, used to burn wood at high temperatures, trapping the smoke, and turning the wood into high quality carbon called biochar. Using clean “waste wood” such as beetle kill pine, dead trees cleared from forest floors and even wood from the Marshall fire, as sources for their process, Biochar Now keeps wood that has no other uses out of landfills and creates products that are helpful to the environment. Biochar products are used as high quality fertilizer on farm fields to enrich the soil and increase crop yield, in water treatment plants to help with algae remediation, and in dozens of other products from plastics to animal feed.

Biochar Now holds at least nine patents in biochar technology, making them one of the leaders in this relatively new planet-friendly industry. Their technology is approved by the EPA. To learn more about biochar, how it is made and how it is used, visit the Biochar Now website:

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