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Berthoud wrestling aiming to accept the challenge

December 07, 2017 | Sports

By Dan Karpiel

The Surveyor

Berthoud High School (BHS) wrestling coach, Will Carron, might have a new job title, but he has the same job. Carron, a long-tenured assistant on the staff of the now-retired Scott Pickert, officially takes the reigns of the Berthoud wrestling program this season. Carron says he will not plan on making any major alterations to a program that has enjoyed as much success as any in BHS history.

“I don’t want to say anything is different than it was in years past; we’re using the same schedule, the same structure, we’re following the same steps as we have in years before,” Carron explained. “I don’t feel any added pressure. Scott left me with a great background of knowledge, and if I stick with what he handed down to me, I know we’re going to successful.”

“Accepting the challenge,” is the mantra Carron has adopted for him and his team for the 2017-18 season. The challenge, as Carron explained, is his young Berthoud squad will accept the challenge that comes with the high expectations and history of success the program has enjoyed, but one he believes is not getting the respect it has earned. Carron said, “I feel not being ranked in the top 10 is an insult. Yes, we do have a young group, a smaller group, so we’re going to go out there and accept that each week.

Even though his team competed in their first matches of the year somewhat short-handed, the results of those Spartans who did wrestle left Carron pleased. In an opening season dual with Thompson Valley, Berthoud had to offer forfeits in three weight classes but saw Kolten Strait (113 pounds), L.T. Torres (120), Colin Leypoldt (126), Colton Williams (132), Austyn Binkly (145) and C.J. Balliet (285) all notch victories. Strait won by a technical fall, 17-1, Binkly by major decision, 11-3 and Balliet by pin in 2:38.

Torres’ 10-6 victory over Airiel Siegel, who placed fifth in the 4A state tournament last year, was singled out for praise from Carron who said, “L.T. Torres works so hard day in and day out, and that speaks huge volumes about him. For him to come in and beat (Siegel) like he did is a major step forward. He accepts every single challenge you put in front of him every day. He’s going to go far this year.”

Carron also had praise for the performances of Strait and Williams, who he said have “accepted the challenge,” as well as Binkly, a junior who placed in state in each of the last two seasons and is currently ranked third in the 3A 138 class.

At the Golden Tournament, which was held on Dec. 2 and features duals between multiple teams; as a team, Berthoud was able to come out on top against Denver North (48-24), Wheat Ridge (30-21) and Elizabeth (39-36), despite having an illness-shrunken varsity roster, but fell to Alameda and Conifer. Strait, Torres, Colin Leypoldt, Williams, and Binkly each came out on top in five bouts on the day.

Berthoud will travel down to Pueblo this coming Saturday for a large tournament at Pueblo East High School. The Spartans get to wrestle on their home mats for the first time this season when they welcome Roosevelt to the BHS gym for a dual on Wednesday, Dec. 14.


“The goal for the season, and this might sound a little corny, is ‘110 percent’,” Carron said. “I know if we do that, if we accept that challenge of 110 percent every time, all the time, then I know we’re going to produce at regionals and at state, and I know we’re going to have a great season.”


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