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Berthoud Weekly Surveyor unveils new website

July 09, 2014 | Local News

New website offers many new features for readers

By Surveyor staff

Hear ye, hear ye; read all about it on the new

As many Berthoud Weekly Surveyor readers may have noticed, Berthoud’s hometown newspaper went live with its newly updated website last week. The new website provides readers with an organized presentation of news, local sports, features, special sections and community items, just as the print product, but it will also allow for additional coverage each week that may not appear in the print product.

The new site allows the Surveyor to provide a supplement to the print product. While our print product remains our main avenue of dissemination, the website allows us to provide additional information to Berthoud residents specific to Berthoud, in a timelier manner.

The most exciting aspect of the new website will be our ability to update readers as news happens. The new will offer more timely breaking news, keeping the public informed of situation as it unfolds. But, the ability will also be utilized during high school sports season with the ability to report game results in a timelier manner. And, instead of being updated once per week, the new will be updated with new content throughout the week, providing fresh content and news specific to Berthoud.

One key update is that stories published online will now be archived so that people will be able to share stories on social media.

But the most important aspect of the new is the many new ways for the community to contact the newspaper. We’ve made it easier for anyone to submit community news items, calendar items, obituaries, wedding announcements, engagements, birth announcements, letters to the editor, and any other items that residents may want published in their local newspaper.

On the right side of the Web page is a new “Submissions forms” link that takes readers to online forms for each of the community news items listed above. Readers can now click on the item form they want to submit, fill out the online form, and click the “submit” button; making it easier for folks to submit these very important community news items. Of course, submissions can still be mailed or dropped off at 440 Mountain Ave. in Berthoud.

At the top left of the Web page are two important tabs: the “Contact” tab lists the Surveyor staff with associated phone number and email links directly to the individual you would like to reach. Secondly, there is also an “Email” link that directly brings up an email to [email protected], which can be used for news tips or general inquiries.

With the new site come many new features, but some of the old items remain the same. Each of the Surveyor’s special sections including; Summer in Berthoud, Christmas in Berthoud, Senior Wise, Inside Out, Wheels, and Savour, will each be available online to read in the printed format. Readers can be sure that the new will still provide the same hyper local Berthoud coverage as it has for the past 10 years.

This is your town and this is your newspaper.

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