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Berthoud group files recall petitions against two Berthoud trustees

October 08, 2020 | Town government

Wednesday, Oct. 7, a group of Berthoud citizens led by Ryan Armagost and Ryan Berry initiated an effort to recall two current members of the Berthoud Board of Trustees; Mayor Pro Tem Maureen Dower and Trustee Jeff Hindman.

The language of the recall efforts, as submitted to the Town Clerk’s office, reads as follows:

Through his position as an elected official, Trustee Jeff Hindman has used the Town Board as a platform to air personal grievances against the Larimer County Sheriff’s Office, who provides the town of Berthoud with law enforcement. As a result of Trustee Hindman’s accusations and attempts to circumvent the agreement in place between Berthoud and the LCSO, the town is now in danger of losing its law enforcement position. Jeff Hindman Trustee of Berthoud, Colorado contract, endangering the safety of the citizens of Berthoud. Trustee Hindman has also misused his position to slander a local business in Berthoud, punishing them fiscally by eliminating a contract between the business and the town. Trustee Hindman regularly uses his position to reprimand and belittle citizens who disagree with his position on topics and places his personal preference above the will of the voters. For these reasons, we feel that Trustee Jeff Hindman is no longer suitable as a Trustee for the citizens of Berthoud and seek to recall him from this position.

Mayor Pro Tem Maureen Dower has repeatedly failed to respect the votes of the people of Berthoud, pushing personal opinions ahead of the collective voices of the community and placing the town in debt to fund projects the town voted against borrowing to pursue. Mayor Pro Tem Dower’s continued stance has been that she is capable of making better decisions than those that elected her for office, thus giving her authority to ignore the voters’ will. In addition, Mayor Pro Tem Maureen Dower has made multiple disparaging remarks against the Larimer County Sheriff’s Office and pressed for a private investigation of the actions of the LCSO, severely damaging the relationship between the town of Berthoud and it’s law enforcement providers. For these reasons, we feel that Mayor Pro Tem Maureen Dower is no longer suitable to hold the office of Mayor Pro Tem of Berthoud, Colorado and seek to recall her from this position.


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