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Berthoud Day celebration makes a comeback after two years with new location

By: Amber McIver-Traywick | The Surveyor | March 25, 2022 | Local News

After two long years without a full celebration of Berthoud Day due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the annual event is back. The Berthoud Area Chamber of Commerce announced this week that a full-scale event will take place June 4 this year and will include a parade as well as a new Berthoud location for the main festivities.

In a statement released by the chamber, BACC Executive Director May Soricelli said, “We are so proud of our community and business community for weathering the storms of the last two years, and it’s time to come together, celebrate, and support each other and the amazing town we are privileged to work and live in.”

The full-scale Berthoud Day event will be held on its traditional date, the first Saturday of June, which this year falls on June 4, 2022. The parade will take place at 11 a.m. along Mountain Avenue.

Courtesy photo – A group of Berthoud residents gather on the Waggener Farm property in the 1920’s to celebrate the first “Little Thompson Pioneer Day.”

The rest of the day’s festivities will take place from noon until 7 p.m. at the historic Waggener Farm Park in Berthoud, 1000 North Berthoud Parkway.

The BACC Board of Directors made the decision to change the event location due to Town Park where the event had been held in previous years being redeveloped. It was also decided a new location for Berthoud Day needed to be found, as the former location would no longer adequately accommodate the growing event.

Soricelli stated that, “Having Berthoud Day at the historic Waggener Farm Park will facilitate having ample space and resources for businesses to be highlighted, more activities, and make room for the wonderful existing residents and many new who have joined our community,” she continued, “With a focus on the strong historical heritage and value of the Waggener Farm property and the amazing new amenities of our town, we look forward to a big event that still feels quaint and small-town Berthoud.”

Through collaborating with the Waggener family and the Berthoud Historical Society it was discussed that historically Waggener Farm was one of the locations of the “Pioneers of the Little Thompson Picnic,” an event that started in 1925 celebrating Berthoud families and the beginning of summer. Nearly 100 years later a Berthoud event will once again take place on the property.

One of the enhancements announced by the chamber is the addition of a professional parade coordinator to ensure the parade is organized and proceeds well. The coordinator is a Berthoud native who has helped neighboring communities with large and notable parades. Some of the changes coming to the parade include having organized registration, parade order, safety enhancements, communication, and awards will be given to best entries in each category. This year all participants must register in advance on our website.

To sign up to be a sponsor, a vendor, or a parade entry visit the event website at

Soricelli stated that, “During this time of transition, we are eager to collaborate and work together as we honor our history, celebrate our resiliency, and support our local businesses and organizations. It’s going to be an amazing event.”



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