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Berthoud charges at Mead Stampede

October 08, 2015 | Cross Country

Grewal wins second meet in as many weeks

By Kristi Leonard
The Surveyor

Berthoud High School was one of the first teams on the scene at the Mead Stampede cross country meet on Oct. 2. The runners spent the time strategizing how they would race the course. Berthoud’s boys were favored to win the meet, but an out-of-state entry by Cheyenne South (CS) challenged the Spartans for every spot.

The boys’ race started with Berthoud’s Elijah Grewal out in front but being trailed by Cole Valdez of Cheyenne South. Valdez kept about 10 meters behind Grewal through the first two miles. Beginning the third mile, Grewal threw in a surge and picked up the pace that Valdez couldn’t counter. Grewal continued to accelerate to the finish and won the race in 17 minutes, 36 seconds.

Berthoud’s Ken Kubik ran solidly in fifth place with two CS runners, Will Nolan and Aran Lovato, close behind him. Kubik held his position for the entire race until faltering in the final kick, getting passed by both CS runners, placing 7th with a time of 18:33. Mead countered with its first four runners placing fourth, ninth, 10th, and 12th.

Berthoud’s Josh Doyle (19:12) and Kade Leonard (19:14) finished ahead of two more CS runners and placed 14th and 15th respectively, but Cheyenne South’s score was too good for any team to beat. At this point in the meet Mead had scored 35 points and Berthoud had scored 37 points with each team having one more runner to add to the tally. In cross country the lowest score wins and points are awarded based upon placing, i.e., first place gets one point; second place scores two points, and so on. Both teams looked to see whose fifth and final scorer would come through the line first. Berthoud didn’t have to wait long as Murphy Vogele-Zimmerling placed 20th, crossing the finish line at 19:38. In order for Berthoud to beat Mead, the Mavrick’s next finisher had to be beaten by at least two more guys. Zac Marquardt was 21st with a time of 19:50 and Noah Burtis was six seconds back in 22nd to ensure Mead’s final scorer was back far enough.

Mead’s Dean McDaniel, their final scorer, got 27th place. Cheyenne South won with 46 points, with Berthoud placing second with 57 points and Mead taking third place with 62 points.

Although the scoring was completed, BHS continued to have strong performances. Kevin Sethre, Collin Pea and Ty Williams ran with a pack that included runners from Byers, Dawson, Mead, Frederick and Highland. The runners wound around the course which followed a serpentine path, being able to see teammates ahead and behind at every turn. The ability to see one another encouraged athletes like Eric Rennaker, Ben Burkett and Siler Stein, who ran their best or near their best times of the season.

Other BHS boys results: 34th Sethre 20:22, 38th Pea 20:33, 42nd Williams 20:45, 53rd Rennaker 21:38, 54th Burkett 21:48, 60th Stein 22:08, 65th Rowan Carr 23:00, 68th Samuel Hatton 23:22, 72nd Kjell Gjelde-Bennett 25:02, 76th Jakob Satur 26:18, 86th Walter Kun 33:44.

The girls’ team was running without Alyssa Radloff who injured her leg last week. Sonya Schuppan was one second off of her best time of the year, finishing in 16th place with a time of 22:49. Maycee White finished in 22nd place with at time of 23:38. Kathryn Mathiesen covered the 5K course in 24:44 for 25th place. Cailey Archer and Kamryn Barnes continued to improve as they have every week. Archer was 29th in 25:04 and Barnes was 61st in 31:29.

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