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A crafty business

April 24, 2020 | Business
Photo by Bob McDonnell – Gina Archuletta cuts material to make a face mask. Ewe Stitch provides these masks to local health care workers.

By Bob McDonnell

The Surveyor

If life gives you lemons, make COVID-19-related fabric masks. In a way, that’s what Berthoud resident Gina Archuletta did recently. She started her new business Ewe Stitch A Maker’s Workshop in March 2020.

She is an avid quilter, and wanted a place where others could quilt, sew and do projects. The current COVID-19 situation has been a challenge to the new business.

A maker’s space or workshop is a place where people with shared interests can gather to work on projects while sharing ideas, equipment and knowledge. Many maker spaces are more mechanical and industrial focused.

Ewe Stitch has tables, workspace and materials, along with sewing machines for people to use. The space can hold 10 people.

According to the Ewe Stitch Facebook page, their mission is to give Berthoud a fun and comfortable workshop for crafting. The page further says they will be hold workshops on beginning quilting, embroidery, wool, flowers, plants, soap making and beading.

Archuletta said people asked for help making quilts in the past. She tried using her hope for this quilting activity but it “was too much commotion,” so she decided to find a dedicated space.

Ewe Stitch is located at 120 Bunyan Avenue, Unit C (north end of the building where Derby Grille is). Archuletta says the space is available for private groups to rent.

The maker space will be open Wednesdays through Saturday and Sunday by appointment. She will have times when people can pay a minimal fee of $10 to use her sewing machines and at the same time be with friends. Archuletta calls these sessions “crafternoon.”

Archuletta is optimistic about the future once everyone is free to gather again. She believes in the saying, “If you build it, they will come.” For now, she has to wait to kick her business into gear.
Future plans call for all sorts of DIY projects including plants, wreath-making and decorative pillows. The talented Archuletta is open to most ideas but pointed out the shop will not do wood, ceramic or art projects.

While waiting for the lifting on meeting restrictions, Archuletta and her daughter Lucia are making good use of the shop and its sewing machines. They are using material she had on hand to make cloth face masks for health care providers, including Berthoud Physical Therapy. Archuletta’s general philosophy includes “upcycling” by using cut up cloth and leftover material in many of the items she makes.

The mother-daughter duo is filling 20 orders a day. People find out about her service through social media and word-of-mouth.

Ewe Stich A Maker’s Workshop can be reached at 970-980-5369.

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