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Skate park enhancements under review, additional quarter pipes planned

July 15, 2016 | Local News

By Rudy Hemmann
The Surveyor

At Tuesday evening’s town board meeting the trustees engaged in a 30-minute discussion concerning additions to the skate park, and which funds would be appropriate to pay for the improvements.

The skate park is located at the southwest corner of the intersection of Second Street and Mountain Avenue.

Parks and Recreation Director Jeremy Olinger introduced the item to the trustees by explaining at a recent meeting the board had directed town staff to contact the original contractor, American Ramp Company (ARC), and request them to quote improvements to the current configuration of ramps. The bid from ARC came in at $19,172. The bid included three new quarter pipe ramps, two new bank ramps and professional installation of all components.

As the discussion unfolded, Olinger stated the budgeted funds for skate park improvements in 2015 were reallocated for ball field improvements. Trustee Jeff Hindman responded “There is $15,000 in the park development budget for 2017, and just to be clear, park improvements like this … would be park development not general fund capital improvement (money) which is where we would buy trucks and equipment.

“I know what you’re saying,” stated Olinger, “I don’t know if park development money could be used for existing parks.” Olinger explained the way town staff viewed park development money, that are collected as an impact fee through building permits, be used for new parks.

“But if you look at the park development budget it clearly is used for existing parks,” Hindman said, “I think that makes sense because new population growth …”

Town Administrator Mike Hart interjected that either fund could legitimately be used to fund the project of adding equipment to the skate park.

Hindman noted, according to the 2015 budgeted expenditures from the park development fund, staff had used park development money to pay for improvements to existing parks in the past.

In the end, a motion directing staff to contact ARC with an amended request to reconfigure the skate park layout, request that they requote the project if the reconfiguration is feasible and report the findings at a board meeting in the near future. The motion was seconded and unanimously approved.

Berthoud in good shape with water

The trustees heard an informative presentation from Paul Zilis, the town’s water attorney, regarding the town’s water rights.

Zilis reported, “Berthoud is in an excellent position with its water resources.”

He noted the town has an excellent water inventory with approximately 1,618 acre feet available through its water treatment plant from the Big Thompson River under “priority 1” water rights. The town also owns 957 units of Colorado Big Thompson Project with an average yield of approximately 574 acre feet for a total of approximately 2,200 acre feet per year available for municipal purposes. The town also owns shares in several ditch companies which the town could use for non-potable irrigation.

According to Zilis, Berthoud is in a very enviable position regarding water on the northern Front Range.

Mental Health facility seeks support

Laurie Stolen of the Larimer County Alternative Sentencing Department gave a presentation concerning a proposed ballot initiative to build a mental health facility in Larimer County.

According to an information sheet provided by town staff on Aug. 2, 2016 the Larimer County Commissioners will vote on whether to place the initiative on the November ballot. The measure would provide funding for the facility which is reported to be from a new sales tax of two-and-a-half cents per each $10 in sales. Cost to construct the facility is projected to be $20 million.

Larimer County residents with mental health issues, as well as detoxification cases, are currently handled by a 23 bed facility in Greeley.

Staff was directed to draw up a resolution supporting the initiative contingent on the county commissioners placing it on the November ballot.

Easley reappointed as municipal judge

The trustees unanimously adopted a motion approving the reappointment of John Easley as Municipal Judge for the town and to accept his letter of resignation effective December 31, 2016, in order to provide time to transition a successor. Easley has held the position of municipal judge for Berthoud for over 30 years.

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