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2022 Berthoud Municipal Election Results

The Surveyor | April 07, 2022 | Local News

The unofficial results of the Tuesday’s municipal election are in and two new faces will be joining the Berthoud Board of Trustees. With six candidates on the ballot and three open seats, the top-three voter getters were newcomers Sean Murphy (844 votes) and Karl Ayers (794). Incumbent Trustee Tim Hardy, the lone incumbent seeking re-election, received the most votes of all six, tallying 864 ballots cast in his favor. Challengers Ryan Berry (674), Ellyn Rush (787) and Alex Johnson (698) came up short. Turnout in the election appears to be somewhat low; a total of 4,661 votes were tallied between the six candidates but voters could vote for up to three. According to Larimer County Clerk Angela Myers, there are 8,678 registered voters in Berthoud. If each ballot cast included the maximum allowed three votes, turnout was roughly 27%.

Ayers and Murphy will join the board, which will also include Mayor Will Karspeck and Trustees Mike Grace, Lonnie Stevens, May Soricelli and Hardy. The new board will be sworn in at the next meeting of the Berthoud Board of Trustees on April 12.



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