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Spanish Flu hammered Berthoud hard in 1918-19

By Mark French The Surveyor In the fall of 1918 the Spanish Influenza swept across the United States as World War I drew to a close. Over one-quarter of the… Read more »

Fast-track releases offer affordable entertainment

By Aaron Reynolds The Surveyor Disney+ made headlines recently when it announced that it was fast-tracking a movie version of the immensely popular Broadway musical “Hamilton.” It was a significant… Read more »

Veteran's Corner

By Ryan Armagost The Surveyor This Memorial Day is a challenging one, as we have to be creative in how we are able to honor the heroes that sacrificed their… Read more »

Berthoud High Class of 2020 appreciation activities

By Dan Karpiel The Surveyor One of the best things about the Berthoud is the way in which the community comes together in difficult times. There have been countless examples… Read more »